To promote a sports culture irrespective of gender bias and overall physical, mental, emotional growth would be attained on the top priority. To accommodate and try to put an effective mechanism to identify sporting talent in rural areas. To check the proper ground availability and other facilities (equipment), which will direct Inter village tournaments and later on broad scale competitions. To look after proper coach availability for enthusiastically good players and promoting excellence in sports.


Planning to start from school, with the help of PTI, to improve the quality sports/games. Detailed observations of PYKKA and other govt. agencies would direct us facilitate and channelize proper sports culture. Providing adequate awareness about govt. policies & other agencies (PYKKA & SAI) would definitely help the concerned for better reach.


To organize sports mela (employment) cum “encourage home made equipment” will lead the sustainable sports culture. Conducting Village Premiere League or State Premiere League (Football, Volleyball, Cricket) would lead to creamy sports talent in quality pool. Introducing festival like ‘‘North East Sport Festival’’ would encourage the sports integrity at national level. Installing a sports academy like Lakshmibai national institute of physical education (Gwalior) can be a decent carry forward to bring all talent hubs.

Apart from very common sports like Cricket, Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Handball, Badminton the games like Kabbadi and Kho-kho are the most famous and economical and would be promoted to its excellence.