Huge 1.3 billion people crowd and we get just one silver and one bronze in last olympic. Reasons, we all are familiar to some extent, Apart from lack of sports resources/centers, there is a huge natural sports talent pool is living in rural India, we cannot bring them to the tracks and fields without providing them Quality training and adequate Nutrition. 

To promote a sports culture irrespective of gender bias and overall physical, mental, emotional growth would be attained on the top priority.

Rural Sports Club (RSC)

Overall objective of RSC would be to provide all kind of awareness and to further create the enthusiastic culture of sports/games within the surroundings. This small club will be making things easier for the teams and the athletes. The club will also be handling financial needs as well as any other needs for the teams. There can be a committee to handle its affairs, which will include a good chunk of interested people, school staff, sarpanch, parents of kids, coaches and of course some fellows from Miitti. Initially we can move forward with Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Kabaddi and Kho Kho. Clubs should be arranging grounds and equipments for the athletes.  

Coach Training

Bringing full time coaches from outside the village is a real challenging task. But, surely like minded people can overlook and develop team’s progress with the help of assistant coaches. So,  we plan to pick up some of the talented and skilled youth to train them as a coach, who will be training the teams with the guidance and support of National Level coaches directly. 

Nutrirtion Program

Detailed research analysis and support plans are required to tackle the nutrition issue in the athletes we are working with. Regular check ups and nutrition supply need to be executed with priority assisted by awareness and diet charts. We plan to set up a small team to cater these needs