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Miitti Smart Library

We aim to make learning easier, interactive, flexible, and more reachable to develop more skillful personalities. Through our initiative, we aim to enlighten people with the knowledge so that all the brimming talent can find a home for all their dreams and aspirations.


Sports Club

Miitti aims to set up sports club in rural areas. We plan to provide all kind of awareness to further create the enthusiastic culture of sports within the surroundings.

Kisan Corner

Kisan Corner is an information hub for rural benefit cause that covers basic problems of farmers, the importance of education, self-employment and methods to make agriculture more efficient and reliable.

In order to build an approach towards sustainability and potential development, we are going to cover some inspiring stories, application of technology, methods of agriculture and scope of employment on our portal.



Village Development Plan

The objective of this project is to develop underprivileged villages of India, to address social inequities and to integrate everyone regardless of gender, caste, religion and region

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Rural Tourism

We are offering a different program, where you get to volunteer while traveling using your core skills towards the betterment of the village.