Our Projects


Projected Nation

Vision:  To contribute through education which is one of the important sector in the society and to channelize the youth development of the country

Projected Nation is concerned with one of the sensitive and fundamental sector of education and can be said as a movement to connect educational organizations, provide smart classrooms with creative study approach.

Keeping in mind that our nation is lacking in teachers (as seen from the number of teachers to number of students ratio), our approach is directly correlated to fulfill teachers availability and improve the quality of education using creative approach. Our teaching methodology would be easily reachable even to rural and remote areas across the nation.The concerned subject experts and the creative teams will work to develop one single content material for all subjects. The medium to teach all the children would preferably through a projector with innovative lecture videos.

Our pilot project will be initiated at the schools located in rural areas of Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The school standards which are targeted are mid-level to higher secondary with keeping all major subjects in curriculum. The prototype will be implemented in the senior secondary education sector (up to 12th std) for developing a sustainable model. Our team would be distributed in different domains of interest and expertise, which includes content research and development with strong database, creatives with innovation, subject experts and instructors, marketing and policy makers.


Village Development plan

Vision:  A approach towards sustainability using available resources to improve quality of rural life 

       A country where about two-third of its population lives in villages we can’t imagine a developed nation  without developing villages. When we look into the insights of rural India we can clearly see some rural parts of our country could be better with available resources. To improve  living standard of rural areas launched this project Village Development Plan with the objective of providing all resources and support towards crucial domains (education, agriculture, employment) which brings this project more close to our vision of Ideal Villages.


  • To develop underprivileged villages of India
  • To address social inequities
  • To integrate everyone regardless of gender, caste, religion
  • To share the vision of potential developments

As a part of village development plan currently we are working on a short documentary of which provides a glimpse of extraordinary work and achievements done so far. Another part of video will be covering some common and severe issues of rural India along with the execution possibilities. This will conclude with feasible comparison and motivational resolution for potential villages throughout the nation. we would like to grab the attention of the audience in the manner such that they can correlate their actual scenario, and thus confidently improve their lives.


Sports - We the Coach

Huge 1.3 billion people crowd and we get just one silver and one bronze in last Olympic. Reasons, we all are familiar to some extent. Apart from lack of sports resources/centers, there is a huge natural sports talent pool is living in rural India, we cannot bring them to the tracks and fields without providing them Quality training, nurture and adequate Nutrition. Among all the outdoor sports in India, ball games (football, volleyball) are one of the feasible and adventurous sport to make the youth fit and to provide potential candidates at national/international level events. Thus, we plan to set up a storming task force initiated with football and then various sports coaches for rural kids, to accomplish the giant.


  1. Setting up sports clubs in Rural areas.
  2. Creating and Training an array of professional coaches.
  3. Analyzing and bridging the gap in nutrition counts of Athletes.


We plan to carry this program in close coordination with rural/remote schools, administration and civil society. As most of our athletes are going to be school kids, we need to take parents and guardians into participation as well. We can move forward with organizing small tournaments in the short run.

Rural Sports Club (RSC)

Overall objective of RSC would be to provide all kind of awareness and to further create the enthusiastic culture of sports/games within the surroundings. This small club will be making things easier for the teams and the athletes. The club will also be handling financial needs as well as any other needs for the teams. There can be a committee to handle its affairs, which will include a good chunk of interested people, school staff, sarpanch, parents of kids, coaches and of course some fellows from Miitti. Initially we can move forward with Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Kabaddi and Kho Kho. Clubs should be arranging grounds and equipments for the athletes.  

Coach Training

Bringing full time coaches from outside the village is a real challenging task. But, surely like minded people can overlook and develop team’s progress with the help of assistant coaches. So,  we plan to pick up some of the talented and skilled youth to train them as a coach, who will be training the teams with the guidance and support of National Level coaches directly. Basic first aid and fitness training should be added to the program. There will be time to time inclusion/hiring of enthusiastic people in the form of full/part time aspirants, interns, volunteers to see the rapid progress of our objective.

 Nutrition Program

Detailed research analysis and support plans are required to tackle the nutrition issue in the athletes we are working with. Regular check ups and nutrition supply need to be executed with priority assisted by awareness and diet charts. We plan to set up a small team to cater these needs.


Rural Tourism


Nowadays, we can say traveling (tourism) is most trendy passion among youth and enthusiasts. Everyone seems to inclined towards spending their free time with nature, if we categorize this traveling passion, there are two types of traveler. The one who willing to take risks, want adventures traveling i.e. hill climbing trekking etc. The other types are like they want to spend their holidays in peace while saving their energy. If your feet are in second zone then you should consider rural tourism in your next plan.

We at Miitti, we are offering a different program. Where you get to volunteer while traveling. You have to be with us atleast for 15 days, and maximum 60 days precisely. You can use your core skills in teaching to village people. For example if you are from technical background, you can teach students why tech is necessary in future perspective. Other Designers, Photographers, Cultural artist, subject teachers etc. can definitely spread the art/wisdom around the villages. If you know any product making skill that would be a splendid help for the village residents. They can learn your skills and use them to earn extra money, other than over depending on agricultural whole year. Every rural tourist has to work in village for 4 days in a week, rest 3 days she/he can plan to travel around the local attractions.

  • Identifying potential tourist villages from all over India
  • Attracting travelers cum promoters and investors to help us on these unique and beautiful locations
  • Promoting tourism to the respective rural locations which would possibly generate extra income source for these villages
  • Supporting the existing local/remote resources to isolated villages to enrich their culture and heritage