Gram Samwad

Gram Samwad is a community centre for all services, A platform for multiple utilities towards various sections of rural societies. We are planning to establish  A Smart Library in every village to create an environment where anybody can learn easily by interactive platform.

Projected Nation

To contribute through education which is one of the important sector in the society and to channelize the youth development of the country Projected Nation  is a movement to connect educational organisations and provide smart classrooms with creative study approach.

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Village Development Plan

Village development plan is An approach towards sustainability using available resources to improve the quality of rural life. As a part of village development plan currently we are working on a short documentary which will be covering some common and severe issues of rural India along with the execution possibilities. This will conclude with feasible comparison and motivational resolution for potential villages throughout the nation.

Sports Club

Overall objective of RSC would be to provide all kind of awareness and to further create the enthusiastic culture of sports/games within the surroundings. This small club will be making things easier for the teams and the athletes. The club will also be handling financial needs as well as any other needs for the teams.

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Kisan Corner

We have launched our news & information column called Kisan Corner (in-short: KC). To spread awareness about govt. schemes and useful information for rural benefit cause. In order to build an approach towards sustainability and potential development, we are also going to cover some inspiring stories, application of technology, methods of agriculture and scope of employment.

Rural Tourism

We are offering a different program, where you get to volunteer while traveling using your core skills towards betterment of village.