Unemployment is another big concern in the villages where there is lack of education. In search of job people are moving to cities and leaving the farming land unattended, also known as migration. It is a big loss for national growth and food security of the country. Here we connect agriculture with education and generate employment opportunities within the village itself which makes the village self sustainable.

The possible origins of unemployment are fastest growing population, decreasing natural resources, unorganized way of working, lack of current technologies at grassroots level, non-guided interaction between customer and producer/farmer which directly-indirectly leads to financial and social insecurity. Hopefully, the rapid migration would be controlled through the better execution models.

Our key challenges will be making villages more productive, promoting small scale industries, development centric system, introduce frequent technology practices and helping MSME, farmers and traders to meet their technology needs, create a hub/platform for farmer to customer direct trading, vocational training/education, building sustainable community for healthy nation.

The schemes like MNREGA, self help group (SHG), versatile NGO’s and CSR can be approached to improve living standard of each villager and strengthening country’s economy by reducing imports. Best possible solutions may be feasible through running open training centers to provide work opportunities on skills improvement. Good market research and based proper investments with small industries setup would help to transform the villagers at self-sustainable model town. Respective sites/examples (Jaipur Rugs, Barefoot college etc) can be approached who has shown remarkable presence for the growth of rural as well as urban locations of the Nation.