It is an indisputable fact that unemployment is found in its severest form in rural India !!

“Along with critical employment issue, another more serious problem is severe underemployment,” according to NITI Aayog (3 year Action Agenda for up to 2019-20). People are turning to the cities in search of basic jobs and leaving the agricultural farming land unattended. It is a big loss for national growth and food security of the country.

Unfortunately in India there is lack of serious effort for manpower planning. So far as our development plan strategy is concerned, employment has not been accorded its due place. It is not linked with the development process under the assumption that economic growth itself would lead to creation of employment opportunities. But this has failed to bring integration between growth and employment. All these factors account for poverty in general and rural poverty in particular.

The possible origins of unemployment are fastest growing population, decreasing natural resources, unorganized way of working, lack of current technologies at grassroots level, non-guided interaction between customer and producer/farmer which directly-indirectly leads to financial and social insecurity. Hopefully, the rapid migration would be controlled through the better execution models

The lack of various basic necessities could be vanished with employment opportunities in the villages by improving the literacy and self security of every accountable person. We support to connect agriculture with education and generate employment opportunities within the village itself which makes the village self-sustainable.

Our key challenges will be making villages more productive, promoting small scale industries, development centric system, introduce frequent technology practices and helping MSME, farmers and traders to meet their technology needs, create a hub/platform for farmer to customer direct trading, vocational training/education, building sustainable community for healthy Nation.