Education is not a privilege. It is a human right!

Education plays a great role in our life with all-round development of a person. It transforms a learner into an integrated person by helping in achieving skills, abilities, insights and scientific temper. Education aims at developing and bringing out the inner personality, without neglecting the outer and material aspects.

If we talk about education scenario in India, free and compulsory education is being provided as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14 (right to education). The 2011 survey states that Indian National Literacy Rate to be 74.07%, which shows we as a society still need to work a lot in this crucial sector. More than half of the students in fifth grade are unable to read a second grade text book and are not able to solve simple mathematical problems.

Some government schools in rural India are overly packed with students, leading to a distorted teacher- student ratio. For an instance, in one such remote village in Arunachal Pradesh, there are more than 300 students in class X which makes nearly 100 students in each classroom. In such a situation it is impossible for teachers to pay full attention towards each and every student, even if they are willing to help. Every village is not provided with school which means that students have to go to another village to get education. Owing to this, parents usually do not send their daughters to school, leading to a failure to educate females for achieving rural education in India. So the dropout rate at the secondary level is extremely high in villages. Only parents who can afford college education send their kids to secondary schools. If parents are unable to send their wards for higher education then all their previous efforts get wasted as completing just secondary education means a low paying job and the person is again struck in the same never ending cycle of money, life and poverty.

Quality of education right from the beginning should be excellent, and upto the mark to grab the attention of children, towards this fundamental objective. Education and textbooks should be made interesting. For rural students textbooks related to their culture, their traditions and values should also be there so as to create their interest in studies.The reasons behind so many drop-outs in spite of free education should be found out as this is a hurdle on the road to progress. Improvement in the condition of government schools, education quality, committed teachers and more salaries to these teachers should be part of development.

Shortage of teacher  is another big problem we are facing atmost at rural and remote areas. If we believe on last survey data analysis, from Govt. schools of India, are in shortage of 1 million teachers. The reasons for shortage of teachers are lack of qualitative and competitiveness, regular recruitment, not clearing positions, lack of specialist teachers for certain subjects, and small schools in each village, which cause available teachers to be thinly spread.

When we think quality education, teacher shortage, and less interests in studies (drop-out) as major issues in education, in this theme line, we have able to built up a innovative project named ‘Projected Nation’. In Projected Nation, we are building an educational product. The product consists of two things, firstly we are building low cost projectors for government school of India and secondly, we have tied-up with Tata class edge program, where they have already developed the content based on NCERT syllabus. Our broad plan is also to get the approval from our kind Govt. such that we will be ready to implement as per respective need. One of the initial target would be with those school, which are facing most teacher shortage issues. In such situations our volunteers (as visiting instructor) on long-term and/or temporary basis to fill the requisite gap.

Model School

The idea is to develop and support few schools to become the model schools. Currently, we are starting with consulting govt. to develop their infrastructure in creative and accessible manner. Basic facilities such potable water, toilet, library, table chair always remain on top priority, when we can arrange some extra funds with the help of gram panchayat etc. We can utilize the supported fund to develop school infra to make them model school. Will try to increase capacity of these model schools as well, so we could accommodate maximum students at our feasibly best schools.

Expected Impact

Our expectations are highly motivated and inspired from our own projects, we are aiming towards a great change in current education system. Every child should get a fair opportunity to construct his/her bright future. Team Miitti helps students across different age groups on importance of education and fundamental needs for literacy. This is done through direct interaction with the students during various camps in the school and by organizing massive scale motivational career counselling workshops in respective sites where students from different villages can come and participate and seek guidance for their career growth. Further, these camps and workshops push them to opt for their own subject choices and explore the limits. Our programs have been designed considering future perspective to envision the overall growth. Our focussed solutions will be working as bridges in long run. Link to Projected nation project details

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अंधकार को दूर कर जो प्रकाश फैला दे,

बुझी हुई आश में विश्वास जो जगा दे

जब लगे नामुमकिन कोई भी चीज

उसे मुमकिन बनाने की राह जो दिखा दे वो है शिक्षा

हो जो कोई असभ्य, उसे सभ्यता का पाठ पढ़ा दे..

अज्ञानी के मन में, जो ज्ञान का दीप जला दे..

हर दर्द की दवा जो बता दे.. वो है शिक्षा

वस्तु की सही उपयोगिता जो समझाए

दुर्गम मार्ग को सरल जो बनाए

चकाचौंध और वास्तविकता में अन्तर जो दिखाए

जो ना होगा शिक्षित समाज हमारा

मुश्किल हो जाएगा सबका गुजारा।।

इंसानियत और पशुता के बीच का अन्तर है शिक्षा..

शांति, सुकून और खुशियों का जन्तर है शिक्षा

भेदभाव, छुआछुत और अंधविश्वास दुर भगाने का मन्तर है शिक्षा

जहाँ भी जली शिक्षा की चिंगारी

नकारात्मकता वहाँ से हारी

जिस समाज में हों शिक्षित सभी नर-नारी

सफलता-समृद्धि खुद बने उनके पुजारी।।

इसलिए आओ शिक्षा का महत्व समझें हम

आओ पूरे मानव समाज को शिक्षित करें हम ||

– ज्योति सिंहदेव