In year 2014, a bunch of motivated students of similar frequencies from IIT Bombay came together to start this social venture. The team consists of people from different localities across the country having different educational backgrounds. After a lot of brainstorming discussions regarding basic needs of life and problems existing in country we tried to build and execute some further steps to construct the project and vision.

Our Story

Towards being fortunate to get the quality education from the premiere institute, our background imbibed us to theme line the following moves to serve the respective community

  • To understand the problems in rural India and their solutions, Team Miitti visited various villages and tribal areas across country i.e. Model villages like hiware bazaar, ralegan siddhi, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Tribal village in gadchiroli district. Tourist village Abhaneri, Jaipur
  • To transform every child from a learner to an Integrated person Miitti executed their first career counseling event ‘Next Step’ at Keshavrai Patan, Bundi, Rajasthan (Jan 2015)
  • To see the impact of our programs, we organized our first gram camp in Barana village, Rajasthan (May 2015). During the camp team Miitti stayed in village and interacted with village people with full capacity. Latest gram camp had been successfully organized at Sambhariya, Jaipur, Rajasthan (May-June 2017)
  • To know about other NGOs vision, work and execution model, we attended the annual basis UBM meet with hundreds of other respective NGOs
  • Prior to the execution, all projects and plans were well discussed and supported by various dignities, including faculties from IIT Bombay (alma mater), head of various NGO’s, active social leaders etc.
  • To expand our team and to enhance our efficiency, we have timely presented our vision in various events/conferences conducted by SARC and Abhyuday at IIT Bombay
  • With our education project, in which we have customized a technical device (projector cum processor) to showcase the video content, we have also proposed our respective projects to Govt. authorities which were well appreciated in broad sense

Team Miitti

Our Supporters